Monday, April 5, 2010

Crap All The Way Down

You have a project with requirements W,X,Y and Z. You find an existing bit of software, be it tool, library or even source, that looks like it will do a lot of what you want. This is how it proceeds:

Start: "Wow this bit of software looks good, it should do exactly what I want."
Proceeds To: "Hmm, it handles these edge cases a little bit funny, let me investigate more."
Proceeds To: "What a pile of crap, why did they handle such important cases in such a shitty, half assed way. This will never work. I'm gonna look at something else."
Proceeds To: "I can't believe it. All the other options are just as crappy. I'm gonna start from scratch, how hard can it be?"
Proceeds To: "Wow, this underlying bit of software is just an incomprehensible ball of crap, this would take years."
Proceeds To: "Oh well, if I just cut out requirements W and X, and just do crappy half way implementations for Y and Z, then at least I will have something."

Then someone else comes along, and chooses to use your software for their project.

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